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Gift Certificate Order Form


By filling out this form, we will be mailing to you, or directly to your guest, a La Bodega hand made gift certificate.   If you rather e-mail a printable E-Card directly to the recipient, please click the e-card link instead.

When the gift certificates is mail directly to you, we will fill out the requested dollar amount in the gift certificate  - and leave the rest of the card in blank to be filled out by you. 

If you rather that La Bodega mails the gift certificate directly to your guest, please provide (above) the mailing address for the recipient instead.  Please provide the recipient's full name along with the message that you wish to add to the card in the space below:

We will take care the cost of regular US mail.  There will be a five dollar charge for requested certified mail.  La Bodega will not assume the responsibility of lost or stolen gift certificates.  Please note your preference.


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We accept gift certificate orders of $25 minimum value.  If you wish to purchase a single gift certificate of $200 or above, please call La Bodega for assistance. 

Thank you for your order and support!

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